Sunday, August 21, 2016

Decorative bird feeder or even a place where insects can visit the local watering hole.

I found these bright and colorful plates at the local Goodwill store and thought they would brighten up a flower bed or two.


  I put pebbles in the dishes so bees or butterflies could safely land on the pebbles to drink. You could put bird seed in them but I would attach a dowel or stick so the birds could land easily or just a pretty plate in your garden! Enjoy!



Supplies you will need for one plate:

1  3-4 foot piece of 1/2 inch copper pipe  ( I bought 10 foot of copper pipe and cut it into 2 pieces that measured 3 1/2 foot and one that measured 3 foot).

1   1/2 inch copper end cap.

1   1 1/4 inch fender washer.

  Gorilla glue epoxy

Epoxy the washer to the bottom of the plate. Let dry overnight. Epoxy the copper endcap to the washer and let dry overnight.

Sand the end of the copper pipe down with 80 grit sandpaper then switch to 120 grit sandpaper so the plate will easily slide off for cleaning. An orbital sander works well.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Zippy, a squirrel's life.

Zippy was a product of the summer storms. There were many trees down in my parents yard. My mom found him under his nest that had blown from the tree during the morning storms.
I had raised baby opossums for the conservation department years ago and baby sat sparrow hawks while they went on vacation and red foxes that were just on the cusp of being ready to release but never a squirrel. It is very important to do everything you can to reunite with mom but he was already chilled and even the squirrels were confused trying to take their regular path in the trees and suddenly it was no longer there.
So Zippy came home with us.As of yesterday he has been with us one month.
 We started him on Esiblac for puppies and then mixed that half with Henry’s Pets formula for squirrels when it came in. Never feed baby squirrels any other formula but the Esiblac for puppies. There are horrific pictures of well intended people feeding them evaporated milk or cow’s milk!
I also ordered silicone nipples for cheap off of Amazon and o-ring syringes they are the best to feed any animal with as they don’t stick like regular syringes and can be used multiple times.
He is approximately 5 weeks old now with lower incisors and eyes wide open! He has transitioned to a medium pet taxi with a water bottle and a few “safe” toys. He likes to nibble on the rat blocks that have all the nutrients they need while in captivity. Today I need to get a small animal mineral block for him
It is very important when they are weaned off formula at about 8 weeks old to supplement for calcium as gray squirrels like Zippy and any squirrel in captivity can die from Metabolic Bone Disease. It is very rare in the wild. This is a great place for resources.
Here are a few pictures of Zippy from last week. We are going out today for some more fun so stayed tuned for more.
First time above last week Zippy is able to curl his tail over his back! Yeah!