Monday, September 30, 2013

Remnants of Summer


Because of our late season drought I am forced to begin feeding hay to the sheepers. We hadn't finished up some paddocks because it was too dry for fence posts. So this evening I was pushing the hay cart just wishing I could head in for a nap! But chores must be done and I have waited all day to visit everyone. So I trudge on following what is left of the sparse grass and  I stumbled upon a little chipping sparrow nest. All constructed of horsehair from the mini horses. That is what most of the chipping sparrow nests were commonly made of but they will settle for dog hair and even human hair.  They have been known to pluck the hair straight from the source. They got their nickname honest. The hair bird.

The oldest chipping sparrow found as of now was 11 years old.



There were many times I could pick out from which dog of mine they used to line their nests.






This is one from a few years ago in a pine tree. Tugger’s hair lining the nest.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Unique uses for wool

This lady is so creative! She uses wool to felt nests and place in floral arrangements. The nest shown is made from one of my colored Blue Faced Leciester  girls. Check her etsy shop out at




Starling, my beautiful girl who passed away.

IMG_0459 (3)